Gate Information



Grant (Main):

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Left lanes - Department of Defense (DoD) and Common Access Card (CAC) ID card personnel.

ALL Visitor and Commercial traffic MUST use Grant gate.

Enter at the corner of 7th street and Metropolitan Avenue (City of Leavenworth).
Stay to the RIGHT lanes for inspection. Left lanes are for DoD and CAC ID card personnel only.
Do not be intimidated by the security checkpoint. The security measures are to keep all of us safe!

As you approach the security check, please have current license, registration and proof of insurance available. All passengers older than 16 need a government identification card such as a driver’s license, passport or military ID. Expired paperwork can keep you from entering. When you reach the security officers, they will give you further instructions. These may include you exiting your vehicle and the officers conducting a vehicle search.

All occupants must wear seat belts. Kids that are younger than 5, or that weigh less than 45 pounds, must be in a car seat.


ATTENTION! Hancock and Sherman gates Holiday Operating Hours:

Closed for outbound only traffic, 3:30 - 6 p.m., December 22 - 31. Open for inbound traffic.

Always closed weekends and Federal holidays: December 25, 26 and January 1.

Closed for the Military Training Holiday January 2.

Normal hours will resume on January 5.


Hancock (West):

NO visitor or commercial traffic. DoD and CAC ID card personnel only.

6:30 am to 8:30 am Monday - Friday for inbound and outbound.

3:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday outbound only.

Closed weekends and Federal Holidays.


Sherman (East:)

NO visitor or commercial traffic. DoD and CAC ID card personnel only.

6:30 am to 8:30 am Monday - Friday for inbound and outbound.

3:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday outbound only.

Closed weekends and Federal Holidays.



Important Information:


  • All U.S. military personnel who operate a motorcycle and/or scooter are required to present a valid Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) card and their CAC card to Gate Security Officers prior to entering the installation.  Personnel who fail to present a valid MSF or CAC card will be denied access to the installation.
    View the Safety Office page for details.

  • Unregistered weapons will NOT be allowed to enter the installation. Newly assigned personnel have 72 hours to register weapons.

  • Check the Event Calendar for Monthly Gate Barrier Maintenance.

  • Questions? Call our Customer Service phone number: (913) 684-3600


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I forget my CAC or DoD ID?
A: You may enter through the visitor lane with another form of ID.

Q: Does everyone in the vehicle have to have a CAC or DoD ID?
A: No. An individual who carries a CAC or DoD ID may provide "escort" to individuals without this type of ID if they are in the same vehicle provided they have a valid state issued drivers license or ID card.

Q: Do I still have to register my vehicle on Post?
A: Yes. There is no change to the requirement to register your vehicle IAW AR 190-5.

Q: How will this change the procedures for rental cars?
A: CAC or DoD ID holders will only need to present their ID to come through the "DoD ID Lane". No additional documentation will be required. This will apply to all individuals with the approved ID (CAC, Retirees, Dependants).

Q: I work on Post but do not have a CAC or DoD ID, how do I get access to the Garrison?
A: You may enter through the visitor lane. You may also apply for a Fort Leavenworth Access Credential (See below). Once approved, you will go to the Vehicle Registration office to receive your ID.

Q: What is a "Fort Leavenworth Access Credential"?
A: The Fort Leavenworth Access Credential is an ID card issued to individuals not authorized another form of DoD ID. It is produced through the Physical Security office and Vehicle Registration Office. It authorizes the individual to access Post through the DoD ID lane but will not allow them to "escort" other non-DoD ID holders.

Individuals eligible to receive an Access Credential are:

• Non-DoD civilians who work full time on Fort Leavenworth
• Those who have a regular / recurring requirement to access Post
• Personnel residing on Fort Leavenworth not issued a DoD ID



Current procedure to acquire a Fort Leavenworth Access Credential:

Print and complete the Access Credential Application and Acknowledgement forms below. Provide them to your Government sponsor or sponsoring Government organization.

Access Credential Application Form
Access Credential Acknowledgement Form


Sponsors and Contracting Representatives
Print and complete the Access Credential Request form below for your applicant and attach all documents together.

Sponsor Access Credential Request Form


ALL (Application, Acknowledgement, and Request) forms must be turned in to the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) for processing. We cannot accept emailed or faxed applications. DES is located at 410 McPherson Ave, Building #320, and will receive applications 24 hours.

Most applications may be processed in three business days. Applications lacking required information may take longer or may not be able to be processed.

Information provided on the application will be used to conduct a background check to determine fitness of character.



Additional Information:

Individuals without a CAC or DoD ID may be escorted by a CAC or DoD ID holder if riding in the same vehicle. Otherwise, unescorted visitors must enter through the VISITOR lane for further vetting / screening.

This change in procedure was originally outlined in a Directive Type Memorandum last December. These procedures have been formalized in AR 190-13 released in March 2011. This change brings us in line with direction given from DoD which is currently the standard at other branches of the service.

Some of the benefits of this change are:
• Increased Security (vetting the individual and not the vehicle)
• Improved support for official visitors and DoD personnel using rental cars
• Supports the requirement to maintain control of CACs (frequently left unattended in computers)
• Improves clarity of access requirements / processes for individuals providing domestic support / child care for military families on the installation



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