View the National Weather Service (NWS) website for current conditions.


The NWS will also post Hazardous Weather Conditions (Watches, Warnings & Advisories) if needed.

It is vital that all Soldiers, DA civilians, contractors and their families understand their individual and unit responsibilities when it comes to dealing with severe weather in the spring or winter seasons.
These documents will instruct you of what to do and where to go in case of a tornado while you are on Fort Leavenworth:
Tornado Information | On-post Community Shelters l Fort Leavenworth Tornado BookletNWS Severe Weather Booklet

The Ready Army website is a great resource on how to prepare for severe weather and other types of emergencies.
Be Informed, Make A Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved.


Severe Weather Notification on post

IMPORTANT: Official notification is via YOUR chain of command.

During periods of severe weather, the Garrison Post Employee & Road Status page will have information on:

  • Employee work schedule
  • Gate status
  • On and off post road conditions
  • On post schools (USD 207) - Has separate decision authority. Call 651-7373 for latest updates or visit their website.

You can also call our Road Status Hotline at (913) 684-1600.


View the Winter Weather Notification for Delayed Entry and Phased Release procedures during severe snow or ice alerts.

Current and projected weather forecasts are tracked by the Garrison Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Units, Directorates, and families residing on Fort Leavenworth will be immediately notified of any weather emergency.

These notifications are accomplished in numerous ways. Examples of the EOC's notification capabilities are:
At Hoc - Employee computer desktop, telephone and mass email alerts. View the At Hoc Quick Overview Instructions.
PLECTRON mass notification system, television cable override, post public address system announcements and sirens.
This Garrison Public Affairs official website, to include the official social media websites, also provides current information.

For questions about Fort Leavenworth’s weather operations contact the Emergency Operations Center.
Email: Emergency Operations Center
Telephone: (913) 684-4448
DSN: 552-4448


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