Retirement Services Office

Phone | DSN 552-xxxx Location Hours of Operation

Office: (913) 684-5583

Other: (913) 684-2425

Fax: (913) 684-4240

Address: 861 McClellan Ave


Building #: 193

Building Name: Adjutant General

Times: 0800 - 1600

Days: Monday - Friday

Closed: First Wednesday of the Month & Federal Holidays



Do you have military retirement questions? Our Retirement Services Officers will answer these questions for active duty, retirees, spouses, dependents, widows, widowers, former spouses, and veterans.

Before retirement, contact our office to schedule your pre-retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) briefings. After retirement, contact us for benefits assistance and for special program items such as the retiree councils, Retiree Appreciation Days (RAD).

NEW - On Fort Leavenworth, Retirement Services and the Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) are merging efforts to better serve the soldiers separating from the military. Retirement Services will give their pre-retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) briefings within the SFL-TAP week of classes. This will also increase the Retirement Services briefings to twice a month in conjunction with the Transition Assistance Program.

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