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The PAIO does not fall under the guise of the typical military concept rather it involves planning, analyzing and integrating systems so that the Garrison as a business can systematically and successfully function for long term success in achieving the mission.


  • Provide a business perspective in a predominantly military environment
  • Cultivate and sustain Garrison strategic planning process
  • Determine needs by total installation population through Army Stationing & Installation Plan (ASIP)
  • Plan future installation requirements through 5-10 Stationing Actions


  • Research and Analytical reviews in reaching performance excellence
  • Coordinate the collection of quantifiable metrics for Installation Status Reports (ISR)
  • Employ a balanced scorecard approach to understand the overall performance and execution of service support programs as part of the Performance Assessment Review (PAR)
  • Orchestrate performance management systems such as the Strategic Management System (SMS) in providing leaders a platform on which to envision, build, deploy and track performance
  • Contribute to the continued dialogue with customers through Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) and surveys
  • Deploy continuous process improvement (CPI) initiatives to create value and eliminate waste


  • Substantiate communication across all commands of installation-wide needs through the annual Installation Planning Board (IPB)
  • Exploit Malcolm Baldrige principals in developing a performance driven management system that maximizes efficiencies, innovation and sustainability
  • Synchronize command informational briefs in providing an accurate and universal view of the Garrison
  • Embrace the workforce to create a focus on customer service throughout the Garrison through Customer Service Training initiatives

Plans, Analysis & Integration Office (PAIO)
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