A system perspective ensures that the plans, processes, measures, and actions are consistent. It ensures that the individual parts of the management system work together in a fully interconnected, unified, and mutually beneficial manner. The illustration above visualizes a systems perspective where integration tools utilize Malcolm Baldrige principles and the Strategic Management System in continuously evolving strategic objectives.


Army Garrisons worldwide will face many significant challenges looking into the future. It is expected the workforce will be reduced and fiscal resources will be further constrained in response to the Army drawing down its forces. As the Army concludes combat operations, it prepares to reshape its total force to meet potential threats that undermine security interests.

The Army requires competent leaders to fulfill its mission of preparing for, fighting, and winning our nation’s wars. Most of the functional support for the Army occurs at installations where its Soldiers train, its Families live, and its civilian workforce is employed. Garrisons like Fort Leavenworth must provide adequate and timely base operations support in order for units and organizations to accomplish their assigned missions. By delivering installation services, sustaining facilities and infrastructure, and delivering world-class customer service, we enable readiness for a self-reliant and globally-responsive all volunteer Army.

Our MISSION is to
“Deliver diverse and quality services, as extraordinary as the people we serve, to foster a sense of belonging.”

Our VISION is to be
“The Best Hometown in the Army.”

Each Line of Effort (LOE) coincides with that of the IMCOM 2025 and Beyond plan providing a seamless ability to support Army Strategic Objectives. Courses of Actions (COA) derived from Malcolm Baldrige principles deliver relative change so that we may meet the mission. Champions assigned to each COA drive the strategic planning process. COAs are managed continuously, reviewed each quarter with the Garrison Commander and again annually with installation Commanders and peers at the annual Installation Planning Board. The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO) provides oversight to the strategic planning process.