The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) supports the command and community in maintaining unit and personnel readiness and quality of life by providing substance abuse deterrence efforts, community education/prevention programs, identification and referrals for rehabilitation services while shaping the capability to meet future requirements.

NOTICE: ASAP has change the way we do business!
The Clinical program has moved to Munson Army Health Center (MAHC) under the Behavioral Health Services. Their function is to provide substance abuse rehabilitation to soldiers identified through command, self or medical referrals. The ASAP treatment services will be seen in the Substance Use Disorder Clinic (SUDC) at Gentry Clinic. For SUDC questions, call MAHC Behavioral Health at 684-6771.

Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO)
Room 245
(913) 684-2874

Programs Under ASAP:

Drug Testing Program

Room 252
(913) 684-2868
Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1500

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Room 245
(913) 684-2874

EAP provides short-term counseling, assessment, and referral of employees struggling with substance abuse problems, emotional and mental health problems, marital and family problems, financial problems, dependent care concerns and other personal problems. We also consult with management and supervisors in dealing with performance problems in the workplace.
An Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC) is available to all Fort Leavenworth's Federal civilian employees, retirees and family members. The EAPC provides people with a means to discuss and receive help for problems and conditions that are affecting their quality of employment and life. This service is confidential and free.

The Department of Defense BeThere Peer Support Call and Outreach Center provides targeted help for any area of life to Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve members, and their families. The call and outreach center is staffed by Veterans and military spouses and is available 24/7/365 by phone, text or live chat. View the website.

Suicide Prevention Program
Room 247
(913) 684-2875

The Suicide Prevention Program is not a crisis center! View the Crisis phone numbers page.
We do provide prevention training! Call to schedule a class for your group.

  • ACE (Ask, Care, Escort) - Annual one hour required for Soldiers and Civilians (Army Regulation 600-63).
  • ACE (Ask, Care, Escort) Suicide Intervention (Peer to Peer) - Three hour intervention skills for Junior Soldiers & Leaders.
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) - Sixteen hour intervention skills for primary and secondary gatekeepers (AR 600-24, table 4-1), first-line leaders and supervisor designated by the commanders.

Prevention Education
Room 247
(913) 684-2875

Risk Reduction Program
Room 247
(913) 684-2875

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