Your dining facility (DFAC) offers drive through options, so Soldiers in a rush can get their meals and go to work. Carry out meals will be prepared upon customer request over the serving line during regular meal hours.

Those dining in also have the option of a salad bar, pizza, dessert and fresh fruit. The facility has outdoor seating and four large screen television sets connected to satellite.

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HOURS OF OPERATION (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner):
Drive Thru
B - 0430-0900
L - 1100-1430
D - 1600-1800

Dine In
B - 0630-0800
L - 1130-1300
D - 1700-1830

B - 0800-0930
L - 1130-1300
D - 1700-1830

Grab In Go
B - 0800-0900
L - 1300-1400
Grab In Go is closed for dinner on weekends and holidays

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NOTE: Meals are planned with a menu board comprised of unit leaders and dieticians and nutritionists.
The DFAC is open to all personnel. This also applies to personnel who are at Fort Leavenworth for temporary duty (TDY). Serving our Subsistence-in-Kind (SIK) enlisted Soldiers is paramount and they remain our highest priority. Authorization to subsist in the dining facility is a privilege and is subject to change by the Commanding General of Fort Leavenworth without prior notification.

The DFAC is managed by the local Logistics Readiness Center (LRC).
The LRC is managed by:
- 407th Army Field Support Brigade (AFSB)

- Army Sustainment Command (ASC)

- Army Materiel Command (AMC)