Photography Services provides Department of Army (DA) photos and Joint Services official command photos.

You will be seen by appointment ONLY. Same day photos or walk-ins are NOT authorized.

There are two ways to make an appointment online through VIOS:

1. - CAC login

2. - AKO user / password login

Need a photo ASAP? Call us. We have a cancellation standby list, but it is not a guarantee of service.

To better serve you (and our photographer), follow these additional instructions:

  • VIOS appointments are sometimes booked up to 8 weeks in advance. Schedule your appointment as early as possible.
  • DA photos are processed and uploaded on the same day they are taken. View how to accept or reject your DA Photo. You MUST reject the photograph within 3 duty days. On the 4th day, it is automatically accepted.
  • We are located in the Garrison Headquarters (first floor) on Grant Avenue, in between Reynolds and Sedgwick Avenues. Enter the double door in the back (East side) and it is the first office on your left.
  • Parking is available (very limited) in the back of the building, or near the Post Theater (West side of Grant Avenue).
  • Two changing rooms are available in the photo studio.

Prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • Do not arrive more then 15 minutes early.
  • Preparing your uniform is YOUR responsibility (AR 640-30). View the U.S. Army Service Uniform website. Have someone in your chain of command inspect your uniform. You may bring someone with you to check your uniform before your photo is taken.
  • Reshoots will be done only as prescribed by AR 640-30 para 5(p). "Photographers will take reshoots only when there is an error caused by the photographer or the equipment. Reshoots may be completed upon receipt of a digitally signed e-mail or written request signed by the company commander or equivalent in the Soldier's chain of command."
  • Failure to let the photographer know before your appointment time that you are unable to attend, is considered a No Call / No Show.
    View the No Call No Show Policy.

Additional Information:

We do not provide Official / Visa or Tourist Passport photos. Please call (913) 684-5656

Tourist passports are processed at the City of Leavenworth Post Office:
330 Shawnee Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048
(913) 680-1648

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