The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides a Service Order Desk that will generate a Demand
Maintenance Order (DMO) when requested by authorized personnel for all facilities other than family housing. For family housing, view the Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities (FLFHC) website.

NOTE: Service Order submission during continuing, post-wide, voice mail outage.

1. Emergency Service Orders - (interior flooding, power failures, shock/fire hazards, lock issue, etc)
a. Call the DES secondary line at (913) 684-4172.

2. Normal Service Orders during working hours 0730 - 1600
a. Call the temporary service order line at (888) 610-2260
b. Submit an email.

3. Normal Service Orders outside of working hours
a. Submit an email.

4. Information to provide when turning in a service order
a. Clear description of the problem
b. Exact location (building number and room number)
c. Name and phone number of the POC or person familiar with the problem or need
d. Unit or activity


View our Customer Handbook for more information on DPW services.

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