Workforce Development (WFD) encompass a wide range of activities, policies and programs employed by Installation Management Command (IMCOM) to sustain and retain a viable civilian workforce that can support current and future best business practices, within the organizations.

Why Is It Important?
We offer services, programs, systems and networks that provide people with mandatory training, education, skill development and improve access for employment and advancement in the labor market in order to achieve overall maximum sustainable economic growth.

Mandatory Training Requirements for IMCOM Civilian Employees

1. Substance Abuse Awareness, 0800-1000, Suicide Prevention 1000-1100, Threat Awareness Reporting Program (TARP), 1100-1200.

  • Required annually. View the FY17 Training dates.
  • Classes held the first Wednesday of every month at the Post Theater.
  • All three must be completed by 30 September each year.
  • Your CAC card is required prior to class to receive credit for the year.

2. Employee / Supervisor Safety Course is in the "ALMS Army Learning Management System" section:

  • One time training for all employees and supervisors.

3. Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness Training:

  • This is an annual requirement for all employees.
  • Login with CAC card, in Title bar, type, "Level 1 Anti-Terrorism", select search button, next select enroll button, select continue. Level 1 Anti-Terrorism Course is US007.
  • You will receive an email alerting that you have now enrolled.

4. Risk Management Civilian Basic Course is in the "CRC ATRRS Courses" section:

  • This is an annual requirement for all employees.

5. Cyber Awareness (formally known as Information Assurance):

  • New users must complete this course prior to being granted CACNET access.
  • In addition, all users must retake the course annually as a refresher.

6. Government Purchase Card Refresher (CLG004) and Acquisition Ethics (CLM003), and Purchase Card Online Systems (PCOLS) (CLG005):

  • This is refresher training for current Government Purchase Card holders and approving officials.
  • View How to Apply for Continuous Learning Modules.
  • New purchase card holders and approving officials need to attend face to face training.
  • Billing Officials require additional courses.
  • Contact MICC (913) 684-1636 for additional information.

7. EEO, Anti-Harrasment, No FEAR Act:
(Course EEO 203A - for non-supervisors; EEO 203B - for supervisors of civilians)

  • This training is an annual requirement.

8. Army OPSEC Level 1 (Initial Newcomers and Annual Refresher):
As a newcomer to Federal service, you will be required to take the Initial Security Orientation and then every year after, the Annual Security Refresher Training.

  • This is an annual requirement for all employees including contractors.

9. Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP):

  • This is an annual requirement for all employees including contractors.

10. All incoming personnel, new applicants, and those who are required to reapply for a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) due to non-use, must successfully complete the GSA Cardholder Travel Card Program Training course and provide the training certificate to the Travel Support Office before your request will be processed. Training is available on 2 websites.
General Services Administration (GSA):

Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO):

  • Training is required every three years for all GTCC holders and authorizing officials.

11. Constitution Day:

  • Training is required for new hires as part of employee orientation and for each employee annually.

12. Supervisor Development Course (SDC):

  • required for all supervisors within 1 year of appointment and every three years for all supervisors as a refresher.

13. Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) - face-to-face 2 day class; one-time requirement for all supervisors & gatekeepers; call ASAP Suicide Prevention, 684-2866, to schedule.

14. Accident Avoidance:

  • For all drives of Army vehicles - every 4 years

15. SHARP - face-to-face (small group) & online: (go to ALMS homepage and search for SHARP; the course "Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Standing Strong Training - FY15' will be listed.

  • This training is an annual requirement.

Useful Links

Army Management Staff College (AMSC) Civilian Education System (CES)
Civilian Human Resource Training Application System (CHRTAS)
Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)

Fill-able Forms

DA 7222 - Senior System Civilian Evaluation Report
DA 7222-1 - Civilian Evaluation Report Support Form
DA 7223 - Base System Civilian Evaluation Report
DA 7223-1 - Base System Civilian Performance Counseling Checklist/Record