What we do for you:

Have military retirement questions?
Our Retirement Services Officers will answer these questions for active duty, retirees, spouses, dependents, widows, widowers, former spouses, and veterans.

What you can do for us:

We do not make appointments online. For appointments or questions, please email us.


Use the following subject lines depending on your questions:
Survivor Benefits Program (SBP) or counseling - "SBP, Rank and Last Name"
Pre-Retirement / Transition Brief - "Pre-Brief Rank and Last Name"

If you are not contacted within 3 business days, please call.

Planning to retire? You should attend one of the Pre-Retirement briefings.
No need to reserve a seat, first come-first serve. Spouse are always welcomed.
All briefings are held from 0800-1200 at the Resiliency Center, 600 Thomas Avenue.

Pre-Retirement briefs will be held:
21 February 2017 (Location changed to EOC, Garrison HQ, Bldg 77)
25 April 2017
28 June 2017
29 August 2017
24 October 2017
19 December 2017

After retirement, contact us for benefits assistance and for special program items such as the retiree councils, Retiree Appreciation Days (RAD).

Additional Links:
View the Army Soldier for Life - Retirement Services Office website.
View the Army Soldier for Life - Reserve Component Retirement Services website.